TUNE OF THE WEEK IS DEAD, SOMETIMES VIBES CAN’T WAIT: wavy Harry Fraud-produced Action Bronson track


Bronsolino and Harry Fraud enjoying time together with inanimate objects

Courtesy of Stereogum, a new Harry Fraud-produced Action Bronson track has surfaced, titled “Heel Toe.”

This also signifies the abrupt death of our “tune of the week” series, due to the idea of one measly track every week not agreeing with our mantra: “sometimes vibes can’t wait…”  We’re better than that one-track-a-week BS, and there’s so much raw talent out there working to produce vibes.

We need to harness those vibes A$AP; for you, for us, for the betterment of society.

Stream and download below.

Duüd, agreed

Duüd, agreed