2k7 vibes: was 6th grade actually ‘hella dope’ or just over effin rated (part 1)

“Damn, 6th grade is fukin sick, I wouldn’t trade this sh*t for the world!” – Lubinson, 6th grade Hey guys, Lubinson here. u ever get rly ‘swept up in the college application process’… Continue reading

On Drake, Future, and the ppl we <3 hurting our effing feelings

I’m sure you all noticed the feud between chill/emotional/light skinned/sometimes fukin p****d off rapper Drake and his hip hop friend FUTURE. Personally, I was pretty effing devastated when I noticed that Drake dropped… Continue reading

Columbus Day Vibes

Hey guys it’s me Dannyfactory. Im basically back on wordpress .. ANYWAY This morning I was takin a breather @ breakfast with my mom & dad & little brother at iHop when this… Continue reading

End of Sommer Emotions ;(

summer 2k13 is in the büks guys. ;( This is it. Now it is time for every1 2 get back 2 “losing our lives” 2 the “total bullshit” of school.  In fact, u… Continue reading

Should Avicii just effing give up?

In case u are maybe living “under a rock” or the like, u probably know that Swedish “DJ”/”bro”/”swagson” Avicii (previously known as “Tim Berg”) has a new song 4 summer 2k13.  It is… Continue reading

Where the hell is Jai Paul?

Let’s take it back.  Let’s take it way back, way back to 2007.  That’s 6 years ago.  London-based vibe-producer Jai Paul records a demo track called “BTSTU” in under an hour.  It’s uploaded… Continue reading

ItsLavishBitch Responds to Soulja Boy, Is THE Louis Vuitton Don, Calls You a Peasant Yet Again

In case you didn’t know, ItsLavishBitch is supposedly the richest 17 year old, period, end of sentence.  His posts on instagram are typically known to proclaim his followers as “peasants,” and always result… Continue reading

A Frame-by-Frame Analysis of the Action Bronson Body Slam

yeah, so if you haven’t heard yet, Action Bronson bodied some dude at his concert in Boston the other nite.  The certifiable Masshole (get it bc it’s Boston) jumped up on stage like… Continue reading

Summertime Swagger Mixxx Sponsor Billionaire Boys Club Sends Kmart a Shirt

Editor’s Note: Although Billionaire Boys Club was a main sponsor of the Summertime Swagger Mixxx, this does not change in any way the honesty/tbh of this review of a BBC product. First off, if… Continue reading