[NEWS] I’m Copping Supreme Box Logo Tees Tomorrow Morning

In case you have not heard: SUPREME IS RELEASING BOX LOGO TEES TOMORROW!!  They are celebrating their 32nd birthday this year.  Supreme is the brand worth giving up women for, worth making your moms wait in line for, worth planning your Thursdays around, worth saving up paychecks from your job at six flags for, worth camping out for hours for futuristic Versace footpotatoes for even though your safety may be compromised.  The most popular/sought after/essential piece of all time? The box logo tee!!

so crisp so clean

Finally! I can sip sizzurp with Supreme on my shizzirt!  Hell yeah I love Odd Future since 2010. Wolf Gang

The white box logo tee is iconic

even the muppets fux with that box logo tee!!

one time i saw the hangover and he was in the movie! he had a tiger!!

wu tang x supreme x tickle me emo… iconic

me after i cop my white box logo tee and turn azn

coppin all of em… a box logo tee for every day of the week!!

In commemoration of the event they’re also releasing a “Taxi” tee with a picture of this movie I never seen before but honestly no 1 cares – box logos all day!! Happy 32nd birthday Supreme!

[UPDATE 4/24/14 11:07 AM]: I got cartjacked 😦