On Drake, Future, and the ppl we <3 hurting our effing feelings

I’m sure you all noticed the feud between chill/emotional/light skinned/sometimes fukin p****d off rapper Drake and his hip hop friend FUTURE. Personally, I was pretty effing devastated when I noticed that Drake dropped Future from his tour.

So when contributing blogger/vibey ass dude Lubinson approached me with his thoughts, I was pleased to post this on this world-renowned Versace blog.

The following is Lubinson’s un-mutherfuking-edited take on this whole debacle.


Today, during my *Borat voice* hella nice *end Borat voice* post-Chipotle b-room sesh, I whipped out my iPhone 5c (green) to catch up on Twitter. Let’s just say, when I saw a tweet basically saying “drake & future p much have fukin beef now and future mite actually sue aubrey” I got kinda effing upset and had to put down my smartphone for a sec to collect my thoughts b4 somberly RTing it w/ my own quirky caption added. I didn’t actually read the linked pfork (the essential guide to independent music & beyond) article, bcuz I was in a bit of a ‘system shock’ t b effing h, but I’ll do my best to provide a bit of context.

K, so basically, Drake is one of my fav Hip-Hop/R&B artists rn, despite multiple allegations that he is “just 2 fukin light skinned for my taste” or simply is a “bitch n****.” I kind of disagree, b/c I think we are all light skinned in our own respects, especially in our new era of expression via the quot unquote Internet revolution and the rise of popular blogging sites such as twitter and tumblr that basically let u air out ur emotions whenever u need 2 and just hide beyond a keyboard and/or the ‘facade of irony’ to ‘protect your fragile ass psyche.’ Long story short, I p much think Drake is the perfect voice of our generation of millenials, and that “Nothing Was The Same” was a pretty effing worthwhile LP exactly BECAUSE it makes u look ur emotions in the fukin face.

With tht being said, this blogger also really ‘fux with’ Future (legally Nayvadius Cash, which is a really dope name tbfh), otherwise known as Ciara’s boo / one of the most influential figures of the post-rap autotune ATL sadboys 2k movement. To be ‘honest’ some people at vibes on vibes (me) think that Future’s recent effort, “Honest,” is 1 of the most beautiful + emotional hip-hop releases of 2k13.

K so basically, you could pretty much say these two artists/public figures play a v significant role in my emotional life, and I don’t think it’s that effing ‘off-color’ for me to be a little FUKIN RATTLED that they are fighting rn, just like I don’t think it’s 2 fukin far to go up to my room and play GTA V next to my MC Ride poster when my folks exchange p vitriolic glances @ dinner and then say something lik “not in front of the kids,” even if I didn’t necessarily ‘eat all of my greens to grow big & strong’ yet.

Also I’m 11 yrs old like that freaking matters.

Yeah so I already have my Drake/Future/Miguel tix for October 26 somewhere in ‘Connect’icut (that is a Drake song name) and just hope they work it out by then and don’t continue to be rash & inconsiderate because if they don’t then maybe it will just be Drake and Miguel and that could potentially be ‘sus af.’ Also do ppl actually sue each other, or is that just something you say to flex on the haters when ur on your “Worst Behavior?” Idk, mayb I’ll “Adorn” by Miguel you guys a think piece on the topic in the next few days, prolly not tho.

– Lubinson