Columbus Day Vibes

Hey guys it’s me

Im basically back on wordpress ..

This morning I was takin a breather @ breakfast with my mom & dad & little brother at iHop when this girl from Texas (we’re technically not dating bc her parents don’t let her date ppl she meets on tumblr) told me she was at school….


(ABOVE: 1 of my fav breakfast establishments)

I didn’t have school today
It’s mother fukin Columbus Day
No1 has school on got damn Columbus Day.

When she told me she had school I got pretty freaking down in the dümps bc she couldn’t skype me (I asked her to FaceTime from her fone from Algebra II class but she has a god damn Samsung galaxy s4…). It actually got me rly fukin sad 2 the point where I had to go 2 the bathroom & self-induce vomiting in order to alleviate my stomach ache. (I get stomach aches when I’m rly freaking upset..) (also I have social anxiety.)

Basically this whole debacle got me thinking abt how your whole life depends on matters of circumstance.

For example, if my mom didnt think the lead singer of my post-prog-electrowave band was “too into pot,” I mite be a frikin legend in the blogosphere or maybe on the pretty chill radio station Sirius XM U.

Also, if I lived in Texas and had school on Columbus Day I would probably “take my own life,” becuz junior year is p fukin stressful & without days off 2 get shit together my life would be a total sharknado. Or maybe I would feel like Sandra Bullock in the weekend blockbuster “Gravity”, when her character is in the middle of outer space nd cannot control her body.

I didn’t actually watch the movie bc my dad made me mow the lawn & rake the autumn leaves all. fukin. weekend. But I saw that scene in the trailers and it looks intense.

Also, Sandra bullock is a hot MILF imho.

(U can see the emotions in her face.)

Anyway, these thoughts were depressing. I mean I feel like I’m trapped in my boring ass 16 year old life & school is hard as fuk tbh. Also my 2 best friends Ronnie and Jeremy stopped hanging out w me and started going to parties.

U may remember that I have social anxiety & I can’t go 2 mother fuking parties bc I get stressed and also kids call me “fag”.

So my life is just spiraling out of god damn control.

Anyway, just needed to get some thoughts on the page.

Let me know how u feel about school on Columbus Day and circumstances ruining ur freaking life in general.