End of Sommer Emotions ;(

summer 2k13 is in the büks guys. ;(

This is it. Now it is time for every1 2 get back 2 “losing our lives” 2 the “total bullshit” of school.  In fact, u may be back in school already rite now.  Heck u may even be reading this from school.  But that is not the point.

You see, there is much more to it then “summer is over.”  It’s not just a change of seasons, even tho we r “technically” not there yet.  It is not just the resumption of “stupid school shit.”  It is more than that.  Much, much more than that

The #PositiveSummerVibes of June, July, and August, well, they are on their way out of our bodies.  #PositiveSummerVibes refer to the general feel of our bodies during summer.  Not just our bodies, but our minds.  The weather is nice.  There is no reason 2 even look at the date.  U sit on “Has it leaked?” waiting 4 sum1 2 report that they “actually found a Doris .zip.” Or maybe it was… “Yeezus.”  Or “Trap Lord.”  Or “Hall of Fame.” U get the idea. If u r uncultured and only listen 2 rap.

But outside of rap, there were many other albums that leaked/released legally that u mite like.  Like Disclosure’s excellent debut “Settle” that “basically changed the way our minds think abt dance music.”  But then Daft Punk came along and changed the way ur mind thinks abt dance music and stuff again.

Let’s not 4get that pharrell had an amazing summer 2.  When Pharrell wasn’t getting lucky, he was blurring lines.  Nd when he wasnt blurring lines, he was fresh as hell if them feds watching.

U get it now?  Vibes enter our bodies in the forms of weather, sommer muzik, bombass mexican cuisine, and sommer fun.  But as those things dwindle down towards the end of summer, nd the only thing left is watching miley twerk, Vampire Weekend awkwardly presenting an award 2 “every1’s fav ‘cute nd taleneted’ musical group” one direction, and jared leto w/ hair and black leather introducing yeezus himself, etc. at the VMAs, u realize tht those #PositiveSommerVibes r gone.

In their place comes #EmotionalAutumnVibes.  This is when Yung Lean comes in.  if u download “Unknown Death 2002” you will see what i mean.  Once the weather starts cooling off nd the leaves start fallin, the #PositiveSommerVibes get replaced nd the best soundtrack 4 this // e m o t i o n a l // tyme is “Unknown Death 2002.”

U see, there is a lot of meaning behind the name “Unknown Death 2002.”  In a way, this transition of seasons and vibes is an unknown death — u can feel that a “little part inside u died” at the end of summer, and “U.O.E.N.O IT.”  There4, it is an unknown death.  The unknown death stirs up #emotions within us.  These r the #EmotionalAutumnVibes i was talking abt.

it is not easy 2 put in2 language but u certainly get what i am trying 2 say, bc u r feeling the #EmotionalAutumnVibes rite now.

Gud nite, nd gud luk.