Breaking down some of the current Supreme online store offerings [IN-DEPTH ANALYSIS]

You and I are probably familiar with Supreme, especially if your name is Tyler the Creator (pre-OF clothing line), or you just like to bite that style, idk.  The New York-based skateboarding/streetwear outfit has seen quite a surge in popularity in the past few years, particularly amongst the American swagfag populous.  Let’s break down some of their current online store offerings; what’s actually str8 dope and what’s just flat-out not jepsin and stupid.  We’ll look at sold out items too because they’re still there so why not.

Power, Corruption and Lies Crusher Bucket Hat ($54, sold out)


*Sheds a single tear*  Supreme is cool for this one.  This piece is inspired by the iconic cover art of underrated 80’s album and vibesonvibes favorite Power, Corruption and Lies by New Order.  The best part about this piece is that the cover of that album is one of our randomized blog header pictures.  Even better, this is a BUCKET HAT, a very relevant type of headwear this summer.  So, in conclusion, this is hella jepsin. Unfortunately, it’s sold out so we can’t give Supreme our money, fuk

Rating: 9.9/10







Inflatable Raft ($68)

Well, let’s put it this way.  If I were left stranded on an island to survive, and I could have 3 items, they would be this, the bucket hat pictured above, and a copy of Yeezus.  Because I know that I’ll be alright if Yeezus is there with me.  I would be in the market for this if it wasn’t $68 and I wasn’t a broke boi working a minimum wage job at a mini golf course.  $68 is steep considering I can download Lil B’s 100% Gutta mixtape for free, and buy a plate of chicken/lamb over rice white sauce hot sauce for $6

Rating: 7.9/10






Supreme/Hanes Tagless T-shirt, 3-pack ($28)

Supreme--s--Hanes--r--_Tagless_T-Shirt__3_Pack__White_1362023572According to the Hanes site, these are a $21 value.  So, you’re paying an extra $7, or roughly $2.33 extra per shirt, for a microscopic Supreme logo in the lower corner of the shirt.  Wait, there’s a Supreme logo on the package, too.  I suppose you’re also paying for the ability to say “I’m wearing a Supreme white tee,” which is a way to really flex on the lames.  All things considered, they’re not a terrible value, but still a weak item

Rating: 5/10







Croc Camera Bag ($26, sold out)

Croc_Camera_Bag_Tan_1362023019STYLISH and FUNCTIONAL.  Not using that thing to carry a camera though, it would be used to carry around snacks.  I’m sure this would also be a worthy way to store illicit substances in a lowkey way (we DO NOT condone the usage of illicit substances), or maybe something like a little bottle of Ciroc (we DO NOT condone alcohol consumption).  Not a bad offering, $26 is an okay price too, considering it’s less than the Hanes shirts and has way more swag

Rating: 7.8/10 (better than Hanes shirts but not as good as raft)






GT 5-Panel ($40)

GT_5-Panel_RedThis is the item to have in case u can’t wake up in a new Ferrari.  You know what they say; life can flip in a matter of seconds… one morning ur waking up in a fairly affluent neighborhood bc u can afford Supreme, and the next morning ur waking up with this hat on ur head.  Let’s also consider that this is basically fuggazi ferrari merch.  All in all, in between pwetty dope and idiotic/lame

Rating: 6.3/10







Beach Towel ($48, sold out)

Beach_Towel_RedThis + the raft = unmatchable beach swag.  I would actually choose this as my third item 2 have on a deserted island, because Yeezus is hot garbage in comparison to this beaut

Rating: 9/10







Metallic Camp Cap ($44)

Metallic_Camp_Cap_RedThis is kinda cool if ur a swaggy spaceman.  Otherwise this is fukin groce.  Do not approve.  No bueno.  It also doesn’t help that ‘preme 5-panels are a fukin swagfag cliche now

Rating: 4/10 (worse than Hanes shirts, because it’s nasty in a bad way)







Fuck Bandana ($20)

Fuck_Bandana_Black_1368054890How do u react when you see someone wearing this thing?  Well, maybe it’s all about how u wear it.  Maybe ur a pirate.  On second thought, no matter how u wear it, there’s no denying that this is an offensive and controversial textile that some people just will not approve of in any situation.  It’s kinda groce and sus

Rating: 5.4/10






There is a lot more gear 2 be found on the Supreme online store, but these were a few pieces that stood out 2 me, check their store if u want to see sum gear 4 urself