the rise of the bucket hat


ScHoolboy Q uses a bucket hat to shade himself from the camera flashes

You see this man?  This is the man who is generally credited by the American public as the one who brought the bucket hat to the forefront of our summer swag consciousness.  His name is Quincy Matthew Hanley, known as ScHoolboy Q, a bucket hat addict: “I kept buying bucket hats,” he explains in a Complex interview. “Next thing I knew, I felt like I didn’t look right without one.”  This begs the question, what does Q look like without a bucket hat?

ScHoolboy Q answers “The Question”

Unsurprisingly, ScHoolboy Q does NOT look right without his bucket hat; the bucket hat has become a part of his very being, aside from his outward appearance.  The bucket hat is a way of life, and he has embraced it. While Q is largely regarded as the most iconic current proponent of the bucket hat, it is also important to consider that other fellow rappers are contributing to the rise of the bucket hat; namely, Mac Miller and Earl Sweatshirt.  Both of these individuals have recently been seen wearing variations of the bucket hat on a regular basis, especially as summer begins.


Grimy sleezeball Mac Miller stays shaded in his bucket hat indoors


Odd Future member Earl Sweatshirt stays shaded in his bucket hat at nighttime, alongside Blake Anderson

The “ScHoolboy Q effect” appears to be causing a widespread increase in bucket hat proponents this summer.  The public seems to be accepting the bucket hat as a versatile and functional piece of headgear, and it translates to its increasing availability amongst fine retailers such as Macy’s, Lord and Taylor, Urban Outfitters, and especially streetwear dealers such as Karmaloop.


God do I have swag!


Combine with sunglasses for maximum coverage from the sun indoors

In short, the “ScHoolboy Q effect” is largely to blame for sudden increase of public bucket hat consumption, and his embracing of the headwear has “closet bucket hat wearers” such as Mac Miller and Earl Sweatshirt suddenly wearing them on the regular.